Effortless dev environment on your machine

Skip project setup and jump straight to coding with an always up-to-date configuration.

Dev environment in 1 step

Just you, code and your favorite IDE

Start coding in 1-step. Stak will download the repository, install tools and dependencies, configure the environment, get necessary accesses and resolve conflicts.

Dev environment as-a-code

Store your environmental requirements in stakfile.yml. Stak will prepare entire ready-to-code environment.
With pre-emptive caching you can almost instantly work with other branches and projects. This file can be shared will all your team members via git repository or Stak Cloud.

version: 1.0 requires: - nodejs: version: 14 yarn: true - kubectl: provider: gcloud deployment: type: helm environments: - staging: project_id: stak-staging

Convenient desktop app and CLI for power users

All projects in one place. Shared with your team.

Sync your environment with everyone

co-workers, contractors, open source contributors...

Your configured dev environment is instantly accessible to your teammates, new hires, developers from other projects or even non-technical co-workers - project managers or designers.

Work on your machine in your favourite IDE

Stak doesn’t host your dev environment in the cloud, so you can use native software you’re familiar with. Don’t worry about connection issues, latency or losing your work. It is your machine and your workflow.



How much does it cost?
Stak is and forever will be free for non-commerial use. And if you want to use it commercially it only costs 20 PLN per month.
Can I work in my favorite IDE?
Does Stak work on my system?
Does Stak can conflict with my existing installed software, framework or libraries?